Our services

The SBCB provides a first rate complaint investigation, information collation, data analysis, lobbying and general assistance service for victims with Serious Banking Complaints.
Dealing with complaints
SBCB provide a central hub & help for victims of banking complaints and also those that wish to protect themselves against various sharp banking practices in the future. SBCB not only seeks redress for banking victims, but also seeks to change the banking system for the better, for good and quickly.We have a team of ever increasing expertise and ability:
• Andy Keats (Criminality & Strategy)
• Steve Wilkinson (Real Estate & Creditors)
• Malcolm Sanders (Real Estate & Construction)
Legal fees
Legal fees can often run out of control, sometimes yielding few results. By initially contacting the SBCB, we can provide help and advise on both aspects of protection and redress over a wide range of various banking abuses. SBCB can provide direction for the instruction of lawyers, providing legal funding solutions and assist with ATE (After The Event) Insurance that may otherwise be unavailable.
The founders of SBCB have been victims of banking abuse, and our knowledge of the subject goes far deeper than most. As it were, ‘we are battle hardened direct from the trenches’ with an incredibly wide range of experience. We are a down to earth, fully hands-on team that actually get things done.The SBCB provides a new central approach to tackling banking complaints. We identify cases for civil litigation and or alternative resolution where that can be affected.Criminal prosecutions
To date bankers seem almost exempt from allegations of fraud or even acceptance of any wrongdoing whatsoever, which is what makes redress so difficult. SBCB aims to assist in bringing criminal prosecutions, especially where there is evidence of systematic fraud / abuse. We are working closely with complainants and liaising with the Police and Serious Fraud Office on their behalf.Data collation and analysis
As complaints are received and collated, patterns of abuse and behaviour stored too. We are investing in hi-tech fraud investigation software to analyse the data that is logged, to make the most of the information that is stored and to bring it to public and authority notice when the analysis demonstrates systematic abuses or criminal behaviours.

Lobbying through SME Alliance
SBCB is committed to banking reform and to that end we are forging relationships within the Government and opposition and have the use of the Parliamentary Offices of Natascha Engel MP, to hold meetings and advice MP’s and Ministers of the latest scandals in the banking world.

We are also committed to direct action where this is effective and have a number of events planned for 2017, which will bring more media attention to the subject of Serious Banking Complaints.

Andy Keats is also a Director of SME Alliance which

SBCB encourages anyone that is a victim of bank misdeeds or would like general banking information, support and services which can assist you to negotiate banking issues, joining the SME Alliance is recommended.


General Assistance
SBCB also has a wealth of information available to download and use to assist complaints to deal with their own complaints and to assist SBCB to assist them when required. Such information includes press articles, expertly written complaint and response letter templates to assist complainants to get the results they require and to demonstrate whether the bank is behaving fairly or otherwise, for further complaint to the Financial Ombusdsman should legal action not be the order of the day.

Crisis debt, addiction and stress counselling
Unfortunately victims of banking abuse can become extremely stressed which can lead to anything from problems with alcohol, relationships, debt, and self-esteem. There are known cases of suicide and destitution of people who months earlier ran successful businesses.

SBCB is forging relationships with various organisations that deal with stress, abuse, relationship, addiction and debt management, to name a few. We also want to set up online forums where victims can chat to each other at a personal level as a trouble shared is a trouble halved.

It is important that victims understand that although it may seem like the end, there are others that will share the burden and they are not alone. There is a community of victims and together we can assist each other to survive to tell the tale!

SBCB are committed to assisting where and when we can and will do so.

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