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I am a retired Metropolitan Police Sergeant, who enjoys complex criminal investigations, with a special interest in fraud. I have a wife Sheila of 27 years, adult children – Charlene, Dean and April and two dogs, Alfie and Freddie. My interests are my Christian faith, the gym and the pub, the latter 2 not necessarily in that order!

I am a RBS Complainant
My problems with RBS WorldPay began in 2006 when I received a letter stating: ‘You are a valued Merchant!’  What’s wrong with that I hear you say? Well 1 month later I received another letter stating ‘Account Terminated with 30 days’ notice and all sales revenue retained’. We stopped that by threatening an injunction against RBS WorldPay, but also made the mistake of complaining about it!

1 year later it all happened again and this time when RBS WorldPay retained our company sales revenue, they did it for 6 consecutive weeks, without explanation of any sort and until we were bust! 1 day before we closed RBS lawyers wrote stating WorldPay would release enough of NSB’s retained money to pay the staff wages, but only on the proviso: ‘that we sign an agreement not to pursue the bank with any claims against it!  Needless to say we would not sign!

The 13 year award winning company stopped trading on 30-11-07 making redundant our wonderful staff of 30. We fought RBS WorldPay all the way to the Commercial High Court where our case was eventually withdrawn through lack of funds – RBS wanted more than £80,000 per day security against their costs!

There is now a detectable sea change against the banks, with MP’s and legal assistance routing for the SME, which has been ruthlessly abused over the past years. My position of Director of SBCB is helping to obtain redress for the past and reform for the future. It is a vocational appointment that I am very proud of.


15 Comments on “Meet the team

  1. Gentlemen,

    I listen to, and watch, the Keiser report – but not regularly: other campaigns reflecting plights of disabled and elderly persons occupy much of my octogenarian days, and nights.

    More than TEN years ago,. Winterthur Life UK Ltd. became my S.I.P.P.’s (mal)administrators – followed by several other ‘miscreants’. Consequently, my ‘draw down’ pension fund remains ‘unvested’. Recently I have learned of attempts to liquidate, in Luxembourg, the best portfolio investment, and deduced that RBofS’ GRG organisation are possibly involved.

    If you wish to ‘phone 01309 – 672527 I will expand. I am disabled and ‘slow-hobbling’. If I don’t reply promptly, please record a message including caller’s name and discrete ‘phone number, and I will respond.

    Yours faithfully,

    Thomas I. (“Andy”) Anderson.

    P,S, Being ‘old-fashioned’ I do not subscribe to, or use, “Facebook”, “Twitter” et al; they are corruptable and insecure.

  2. I am a Barclays victim of a miss sold swap that lead us into administration and strongly believe fraud took place during the purchase of our business. Please contact me on 07908 847397
    many thanks

  3. I am just another bank victim whose development business at the point of running into profit from agreed house sales was squeezed out of business by NatWest / RBS and after insisting in installing their own tame administrator swept up the profit for themselves. They even prevented us from selling the house that wiped out the bank lone to the company. Wish I could have had enough left to sue but they made sure that that didn’t happen

  4. I too was put out of business by Ulster Bank a division of RBS, my business was a profitable business put in to GRG then Adminstration, which 5 years later is still in Administration, if I can be of any help to you please contact me

  5. i am a forensic accountant with over 18 years banking experience, I worked for an international bank and had a £2.5 million discretionary limit. I am currently involved in negligent claims against banks (solicitors retained , positive barristers opinion obtained and one claim issued to date) involving the EFG Loans that were refused by the banks and believe that there has to be many companies out there that suffered at the hands of bankers who acted in a negligent manner when “reviewing” these applications. Is this area of the EFG Loan programme of interest to you?



    • Hi Christopher, I banked with natwest for 41 years until sold toxic EFG in 2010 for £200 k bank utilised the money for its own purposes company liquidated 2011 I’m still fighting the RBS for compensation

    • Hello Christopher I’d be interested in hearing from you I’m an EFG victim

  6. Please include me with your members and support.
    Great job keep up the good
    Work in on board.
    Yorkshire bank ruined me £3 mil

  7. I was extremely interested to read the article in the Sunday Times this morning, (page 5. 25th October. 2015.) and consider what you are both trying to achieve and your commitment to redress these egregiously aweyful activities reported by customers of the RBS Group in their dealings with individuals and companies, the latter invariably often affecting many other innocent individuals.

    While the sums of money which I am involved with compare to insignificance. The feelings of deep indifference and callous betrayal suggest the manifestly immoral corruption by those involved, firstly those individuals at the proverbial “coal face” and those a few steps removed casually directing the course of the destruction for gain in exchange for financial rewards promised and i some cases no doubt not delivered by the same corrupt standards of those of the organisation they worked within.

    In my case I received a Fixed Term Business Loan in which the terms and levels of interest were set out as one would expect with e.g. interest payable set at a variable level of x% above current interest rates. So far so good, however as interest rates progressively reduced I found myself continuing to repay each month at the rate initially calculated from the outset of the loan but despite the rate due to be paid continually being reduced RBS Business Banking refused to adjust accordingly when a member of my family working at a senior level in the Bank advised me of this discrepancy. After my initial approach to draw their attention to this, and I retain all my communications in this regard, including those with my Business Relationship Manager who steadfastly stuck to the Party, it wasn’t very long before he soon found himself amongst those made redundant.

    I was for sometime feeling inhibited to make any more serious challenge (despite by this time having fully repaid the loan) for concern that not only the first relative but one further additional family member would also lose her job too. This did indeed happen in relatively short order but it isn’t clear if the connections amongst us was made despite what seemed like fairly obvious name connections. This situation was in effect the final straw to break this camel’s back as I had contracted Lyme disease and forced to close the business having become not only ill from that cause but increasingly suffering from chronic depression. On calling into a newly opened nearby RBS branch requesting an account mini statement I found there had been a odd entry amounting to £ 100 in my favour. Asking, as you do, why, where and from whom this payment was received I was advised that it was from the bank by way of an ex-gratia payment on account of the “problems which I had experienced over my account’s interest “issues”.

    If there is anyone who could tell me how and where I might be able to seek re-dress for this effective abuse of a banking relationship as well as how I can progress matters. It is my understanding that there is some sort of process for doing so however due to the ongoing effects of two rates of infection from Lyme disease as well taken together with the consequences of a botched spinal operation now leaving me registered as Disabled. It would be an immense help to my wife and I given our rather dire financial straights having to rely solely on the basic State Pension and my Disability Benefit. I haven’t totally lost the will to fight the RBS but there is an ongoing sensitivity in that a member of my family has returned to work for RBS. I need to move with great care, Scotland is a small country, everybody damned near knows everyone else therefore I cannot be too careful in trying to avoid any blow back that might destroy her future employment with them.

    I would very much wish to be of help in some way but from the above you probably can work out that I am as much use as a fart of a frosty morning. Here’s hoping you can contribute to bringing these people to book One of whom ironically is or was a much lauded American citizen and member of their cohort of evil doers.

    Kind Regards and best wishes to everyone involved in this project, Iain

    PS. I feel obliged to say that I ashamed that a bank established by Royal Charter in Scotland should be involved in causing so much hurt to so many innocent people not just in Scotland but throughout the UK and elsewhere. Sorry is no compensation but
    we are generally an honourable people, as with much else in this world it only takes a couple of bad apples to screw up so many folk.
    I do not have any presence on Facebook, Twitter, etc. On a point of principle – if they wont pay their fair share of taxes like everyone else, as I understand it, then they don’t need my penny worth.

    • Dear Iain,

      Thank you very much for your post, I will email you this evening.


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