How to complain

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Complainants may express their complaints and concerns direct to SBCB by email to

There is no need to go into any detail, just a brief outline of what you are complaining about will be sufficient.

You can also attach up to 5 relevant documents for your first communication.

Before sending a complaint to SBCB we ask that you to complete ANY SURVEYS THAT RELATE TO YOU. Please click here to complete your survey(s).

For example a typical initial complaint may read as follows:

I was running a successful catering business between 2000 and 2008 when I was told by my bank manager that I was to be placed into GRG. I had no idea what that meant or why I was put into GRG, but soon afterwards I started to receive charges that I did not understand. I had no idea who to speak to and eventually when I complained, I was contacted by Mr Stuart Graham at GRG that the charges were management charges and that I would continue to receive the charges until I was fit to be placed back into mainstream banking. he would not say why I had been taken out of mainstream banking in the first place.

My business could not cope with the additional charges and after some time we were forced into Administration in December 2009. To this day I have received no explanation from the bank for its behaviour and I seem to hit one brick wall after another. It is no use complaining to the Financial Ombudsman because of the £150,000 compensation limit. My business was worth at least £1M and had 15 full time staff before we stopped trading. Is there any help you can give me please?

SBCB has a series of standard questions that will assist to bring clarity to the complaint and very quickly get us to a point of understanding whether on the plain face of it, there is a complaint or there is not. After that the complainant and SBCB decide whether to take matters further. (click here for the full complaints process).

 Typical Complaints

Criminal / civil law docs


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