Helpful Civil Law docs and legislation

There are many ways to skin a cat and SBCB is privileged to see complainant and legal correspondence to and from the banks.

It is clear that there can be many bites at the same cherry and where a claim may not get home using one piece of legislation, there is always another that can be used as a back up or alternative.

It is not necessarily court action that you need to utilise either: there are many civil remedies which do not necessarily require a court room battle and these may be useful, especially for smaller claims.

SBCB believes that a ‘tipping point’ was reached on 23/07/2014 when RBS did a U Turn and told the Treasury Select Committee that GRG is in fact a profit centre, when previously Derek Sach and Chris Sullivan had said it was a ‘cost centre costing RBS £2.1Billion. Quote from the Times –

Andrew Tyrie, chairman of the Treasury select committee, said that the bank had been “wilfully obtuse” in evidence it gave to the committee about its global restructuring division, which has been accused of exploiting ailing companies rather than helping them.

Having repeatedly told MPs that GRG was not a “profit centre”, RBS has admitted that the description was accurate. Chris Sullivan, the bank’s deputy chief executive, told the committee last month that GRG was “absolutely not a profit centre” and that describing it as such would be “totally inappropriate”.

Mr Tyrie said: “If this is how RBS deals with a parliamentary committee, how much can customers and regulators rely on it to be straightforward?”


For the past three years, bank customers in the UK have had an excellent set of legal powers to tackle their banks if they think they have been treated unfairly.

Unfortunately, hardly anyone knows about them, and the relevant authorities have failed to give the powers any meaningful publicity.
The rules were been laid down by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).
They are known as the Banking: Conduct of Business sourcebook (BCOBS) and they apply to small businesses as well as to private individuals. READ MORE


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