Banking Report Docs and links

From this page you will be able to find documents and links that really matter: Banking terms of business, codes of conduct, reports and reviews that we feel are important will be posted on this page as and when we are made aware of them. Click on whatever you link will assist you:

Lawrence Tomlinson RBS report November 2013 Dr Tomlinson (LT) report uncovered very concerning patterns of behaviour by the RBS Global Restructuring Group (GRG) leading to the destruction of good and viable UK businesses.

Clifford Chance report on RBS 17/04/14 – CC refutes the LT report – A fascinating read to discover a total lack of investigation by CC, a willingness to accept whatever RBS has told CC and that CC were unable to understand the valuation methods or fees charged by GRG.

Sir Andrew Large report on RBS November 2013 – Sir Andrew Large full RBS report.

Treasury Select Committee interview of Derek Sach and Chris Sullivan 17/06/14 Transcript – RBS top personnel lying through their teeth

Treasury Select Committee interview of Derek Sach and Chris Sullivan 17/06/14 VIDEO

RBS top personnel ADMIT lying through their teeth – 23/07/14 READ MORE

Andrew Tyrie, chairman of the Treasury select committee, said that the bank had been “wilfully obtuse” in evidence it gave to the committee about its global restructuring division, which has been accused of exploiting ailing companies rather than helping them.

Having repeatedly told MPs that GRG was not a “profit centre”, RBS has admitted that the description was accurate. Chris Sullivan, the bank’s deputy chief executive, told the committee last month that GRG was “absolutely not a profit centre” and that describing it as such would be “totally inappropriate”.

Mr Tyrie said: “If this is how RBS deals with a parliamentary committee, how much can customers and regulators rely on it to be straightforward?”

RBS Code of conduct:

The Yes code

Ask yourself…

1 Does what I am doing keep our customers and the bank safe and secure? Consider the impact of what you are doing. Rehearse a briefing with your boss.
2 Would customers and colleagues say I am acting with integrity? Consider: would I do this to someone in my family or a friend? Would I do it to myself?
3 Am I happy with how this would be perceived on the outside? Consider the impact of this in the outside world. Try writing the press release – does it sound good for customers?
4 Is what I am doing meeting the standards of conduct required? Think. If you are unsure then seek a second opinion.
5 In 5 years’ time would others see this as a good way to work? Will this have a positive impact? Imagine writing it on your CV.

ICO logo Dealing with requests from individuals for personal information under the Data Protection Act Subject access is one of the main rights of the Data Protection Act. It gives people the right to access their personal information. An individual can ask Banks and any organisation to tell them about any personal information held about them, and to provide them with a copy of that information. In most cases the bank / organisation must respond within 40 calendar days of receiving it. Information Commissioners Office. Subject access requests: how do I respond? Subject data access codes of practice (Data Protection Act)

Handling concerns and complaints

Part of our role is to improve the information rights practices of organisations by gathering and dealing with concerns raised by members of the public. Each year we address tens of thousands of enquiries, written concerns and complaints about information rights issues.  Read more  Got a question? Call our helpline You can call the ICO helpline on 0303 123 1113 or 01625 545745. It’s open between 9am and 5pm.

Neil Mitchell – Torex Retail PLC

 Former CEO of Torex PLC Neil Mitchell has been pursuing RBS for £600M + compensation and damages from 2007. The SFO has received a dossier from Neil Mitchell, a former chief executive of Torex Retail, and interviewed him. He was the whistleblower at the former AIM-listed software company which resulted in jail sentences for two of its former directors for duping shareholders by using false invoices to boost its profits.
Here are his interesting and informative Vox pops:
Introduction video 2 mins to come
Video 2
Video 3
video 4

Whistleblowing report Sir Robert Francis February 2015


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