DSAR Request info

Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) is the best known method of retrieving anything that the bank / institutions hold on you personally.

Requests must be made in writing but it is really worth it!

If the bank says it has nothing, logically it should not be able to use whatever it is holding against you either!

For more information to go to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) click here

To download a step by step by step DSAR instruction kindly supplied by BERG Solicitors click here

To download a sample DSAR letter click here

If your DSAR request comes through looking like it has been blacked out, contact the ICO and ask them to review what you have been sent. Click here

3 Comments on “DSAR Request info

  1. Hi I need to get calls back from a company where I have been complaining for along time and have not been dealt with. How do I go about receiving these calls?

    Thanks Many Dale

  2. I can’t understand why it is necessary to apply for a DSAR to the Bank who already hold your records. Why cant the bank go direct to the records that they want you to apply to see?Can anyone explain, please?

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