SBCB has investigated the SBCB Loan scandal.

We have written a document that is backed up by evidence, together with the result of a survey of 8 x EFG complainants.

The documents have all been checked by Berg for legal accuracy.

20140711 EFG Loans exposed – SBCB paper – Berg checked

EFG Bank adverts & BIS admonishment re guarantee combined

20140710 EFG survey and responses x 8

You can use the findings to make a complaint, prove your case and receive compensation from the bank that has sold you a 25% liability loan and then claimed 100% at default. If the bank knows it has illegitimately claimed the 75% and or that it mis-sold you the EFG loan in the first place you should be seeking compensation as well as the bank writing off the EFG loan.

for further assistance please email contact@SBCB.org.uk 


  1. We took out a EFG loan in 2011 for our limited company which has now ceased but I believe the loan was missold we currently pay £25 per month but we want the loan wrote off really, have you any knowledge of this happening for anyone? Our loan was with Lloyds Tsb.

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