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Church Cottages, Church Lane, East Tuddenham, Norfolk, NR20 3NB
Telephone: 07787 800 436

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Andy Keats Director
Mobile: 07787 800 436


3 Comments on “Contact us

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  2. Lloyds bank manager closed my property portfolio down 5 days after i called her a bully because of all the bullying and harasement they put on my property business .the apointed a lpa frombristol when i lived in newcastle upon tyne ,who sold the portfolio in fire sales .i was not in arreas or default when they pulled my commercial loan for 1.3 million .they had valued the portfolio up 6 months prior at 1.78 million and a local ricks valuer had valued it up at 2 million .how is this just and honest .this is wrong ,they then instructed a debt collecting agent to chase me for 205k because the fire sale of the property had sold for 1.1 million .the property was sold via actions and all ways .this is totaly wrong .the debt collectors where instructed with out even a court case .
    this is totally wrong
    regards Graham stewart

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