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Alison Loveday speaks to BBC Radio 4 in their investigation into RBS

Last month a report by a government advisor, Lawrence Tomlinson, accused The Royal Bank of Scotland of forcing some viable businesses into insolvency. The Bank has denied Tomlinson’s claims and has asked a leading law firm to carry out an…

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BBC News Lawrence Tomlinson speaks of RBS forced foreclosures

CBA/Bankwest have been called the allegations that they profited from forcibly inducing defaults in productive customers as “conspiracy theories”. Now RBS have been caught doing the same thing.

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The “financial terrorism” of Royal Bank of Scotland

November 27th, 2013 (updated November 28th, 2013) (minor edits December 1st, 2013) Another of the banking scandals I’ve been covering for more than three years is gaining a wider audience, following the publication of the Tomlinson Report on Monday and…

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