After meeting with Dr Lawrence Tomlinson and other RBS complainants in 2013, the idea of the SBCB was born and a specialist team has been put together which is receiving, collating, investigating and analysing banking complaints, looking for patterns of behaviour and complaint traits.

During the course of the investigation each complainant has access to SBCB on the telephone or in person and can talk to a SBCB partner lawyer.

Investigated complaints that are found to have substance (nearly all of them) are ‘packaged’ and forwarded to SBCB civil and criminal prosecution partners and litigation funders for further action (not necessarily court action!)

‘Packaged’ cases are summarised with key exhibits, ready for use further assessment by the lawyers and the litigation funders, to establish the correct strategy going forward and to determine which category / types of complaint each falls into.

Group actions and complaints to the banks direct and through a solicitor, can be far more powerful and cost effective than an individual complaint. For example our partner Berg Solicitors already has over 150 complainants, where the majority have been placed into GRG and have had a suspect valuation of their business assets.

SBCB is there along the way to help complainants, assisting with gathering their evidence and helping them to understand the process they are going through, in what could be described as a hand holding exercise.

We are also very pleased to be providing helpful information, press releases, discussion forums and even 3rd party stress and debt counselling assistance.

Don’t forget – The SBCB Directors have been there too!


3 Comments on “Team SBCB

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  2. Can somebody please contact me regards this group. My story with lloyds is remarkably similar to the one in this article. Lloyds and Alder king (headed by Julian smith) totally defrauded me of my property portfolio . Money went missing from my loan account £9000 receivers came in and sold my properties , only for the money to appear back in account (20 months later) when pushed for an explanation I got a written response saying the information I required (when money was deposited , and where it has been) was not available as there was flood in branch . When my local member of parliament asked to speak to my then branch manger lloyds advised him that he was no longer with lloyds , only later to be tracked down by a private investigator and found out that he was still with lloyds albeit at a different department. Telephone Derrick Cullen 07714257004

    • Hi Derrick,

      I have copied you in to an email with Clive May, he has information relevant to your experiences

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