Jail Crooked ‘Fat Cat’ Bankers Don’t Reward Them!

Campaign created by Scott Simpson 10-1-2016

Change UK Banking Culture of Product Mis-selling & Greed


Restart the Financial Conduct Authority Investigation into Banking Culture

Why is this important?

We The TAXPAYERS Need to Change UK Banking Culture and STOP Product Mis-selling, Dodgy Loans, LIBOR Rigging and Huge Bonuses.

Jail Crooked ‘Fat Cat’ Bankers Don’t Reward Them!

The Government’s Financial Conduct Authority has dropped a major investigation into bank pay, promotion, bonuses and other incentives. Osborne said he knew nothing about this – so SIGN this petition to ask him to reverse this decision!

USA & Iceland jail crooked Bankers
Vietnam shoots crooked Bankers
The UK rewards crooked and inept Bankers!

UK banks brought our country to it’s knees with a £1.3 TRILLION debt, and we, the taxpayer, bailed them out.

It’s time for a change. We need to make banking accountable, responsible, fair and honest, AND, once more, COMPETITIVE.

Dodgy and irresponsible bank lending and too much bank leverage led to the 2008 financial crash!

How many times does the taxpayer/uk population have to be kicked?

Had the Bankers not brought the country to its knees in 2008 what state would the NHS and other public services be in right now? – Better funded for sure. How deep would the cut’s need to be, had it not been for the 10’s of billions to keep Banks afloat due to fat cat greed and arrogance.

The Bankers have stolen your money, robbed your pensions, over-stated their profits, manipulated their share prices and raised new capital under false pretences:

Accusations any normal businessman would have been sent to prison for.

From 2001 to 2013 – 100,000 small UK businesses were mis-sold hundreds of billions of dodgy loans by Clydesdale/Yorkshire Bank, RBS, Barclays Lloyds & HSBC related to a rigged/ non-existent Libor rate!

These mis-sold loans loaded with massive hidden charges have destroyed many thousands of these businesses, and continue to do so. Some of the banks have washed their hands by offloading these loans to American vulture funds to break up these businesses.

PPI Mis-selling affected many millions of us, but still the banks get away with it with new scandals continually surfacing.

Banks were being brought to book for PPI, but the Government has now decided to water down/cancel it’s own investigation into banking culture.

Sign this petition which asks George Osborne to restart the Financial Conduct Authority investigation into banking culture.


2 Comments on “Jail Crooked ‘Fat Cat’ Bankers Don’t Reward Them!

  1. We want change
    It’s time to make an official holiday and a day of petition at Westminster to protest these crooked banker thieves .
    We need a crooked bank day let’s organise bank day at Westminster

  2. The system has not changed it was just brushed under the carpet and allowed to fester in the same way as a rotting rat in the sewers, some of the old spivs have moved on and been allowed by Westminster and HMT to get a good head start from prosecution and possible fraud charges, hence when looking at how the misselling of products has been conducted by all parties within HoC it truly looks dire for the people whom have been conned of their life’s work, money and businesses, not forgetting the hardship placed upon employees and families of these SME’s. To say the system HAS changed is short sighted and truly an inept comment, however people within power and the bankers say it has.
    Non of these statements can be justified with hard evidence just assumptions passed on into a trusting society.
    My eyes have been opened into the true corruption and inept decisions made by these banks, but to forgive a grovelling government would also be a mistake, where is the back bone to this once great nation? In the square mile?
    It seems from my Dsar request they do not wish middle management to become implicated within scandals, why protect the true villains that passed down the orders for a holocaust type destruction of this countries SME’s?

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