Racing Car Driver Lawrence Tomlinson with inside track

Lawrence Tomlinson wrote the initial report on RBS GRG in November 2013

A fast-thinking Yorkshire entrepreneur with a reputation for straight talking, Lawrence Tomlinson has been addressing the GRG scandal since he published a scathing report on the division two years ago.

Mr Tomlinson, who owns the Ginetta Cars racing team, and used to race himself, used his role as a government adviser to Vince Cable, the business secretary, to air his allegations about RBS. There was criticism from some including Labour’s Chuka Umunna, who queried his independence, given that he had a personal dispute with RBS. Mr Tomlinson said he was compelled to act because of the sheer volume of companies that came to him with complaints while he was advising Mr Cable.

The engineering graduate started his first company with a bank loan in 1988, and has interests in care homes, construction, technology and racing cars. He said evidence uncovered by The Times about the capital impact of GRG was “in line with the information received”.


One Comment on “Racing Car Driver Lawrence Tomlinson with inside track

  1. Lawrence Tomlinson made clear to all that the RBS acted in many instances totally against the interests of its customers. My company developing 17 new detached houses with a good relationship manager was plunged into administration (bank insisted on their own administrator) asset stripped and taken under by RBS. Even when we tried to buy it back out of administration our efforts were ignored completely. defrauded and defeated we await the FCA appointed skilled person report.

    We note that this report now extremely overdue has perhaps conveniently avoided publication until after the election. More “Political” chicanery?

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