Neil Mitchell V RBS – Gaining momentum!


Neil Mitchell

Attached link to the Keiser report interview with Neil Mitchell that certainly makes one think Starts after approx 15 minutes and well worth a look if you have not already seen this.

In the last 24 hrs since Neil appeared for his 3rd interview on Russia Today RT: Keiser Report… this time literally hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of people have contacted him by all forms of social media / technologies across the UK & globally…the Power of Social media in a just cause !

People are even offering donations & suggesting Crowdfunding globally to help me fund a battle against RBS & HM Treasury.

We somehow have to harness the will of this sample / cross section of people / activists to object / revolt / vote against Bank Fraud & Political Inaction. We don’t want to enter Politics, just focus this people / tax payer / voter “Movement” in calling RBS to account for Criminality.

RBS are currently threatening Libel actions, Court Injunctions & Summary Judgements against Tweeters.

Neil doesn’t care – it is all factually correct – Bring it On ! – he looks forward to the Appeal Court when he can explain to the Judge, in the public interest, in front of the assembled media, what RBS have been doing against the interests of the people / taxpayers – interestingly he has had no contact from RBS.

Here is a typical comment about the show:

1) Total Respect to Neil Mitchell to not only standing his ground but putting everything he owns on the line for justice and something he believes in. The .gov’s job is to keep organizations like RBS in line not to support them and wipe small companies out, standing up to such a powerful bank must be very tough. Small businesses are the backbone of any economy and for all the media organizations apart from Max and Stacy to completely ignore the destruction of this important area of commercial production and employment sums up just how sold out and in the pockets of the big banksters those in charge really are.
10 / 10 rating!!

SAMPLE of literally hundreds & hundreds of positive comments across Social media from all over the world and I have not been attacked / trolled once.

2) – The Keiser Report is always great when Neil Mitchel is on grassing up RBS. Why Scotland was even worried about them leaving beats me.

– Really like the way Neil Mitchell cuts the crap and gets right to the point!

– Even though I am for independent Scotland, Britain needs more people like you Neil ! Get one domino to fall and they will all topple

– Neil Mitchell – bless you and your hard work. It’s people like you who make the world go round…

– The public need people like you to stand up to this sort of behaviour in all walks of life.

– Thank you Neil Mitchel for what your doing. This is what we all need to be doing. Payback for these predatory Financial monsters causing misery among our communities.

– Watched you on Max Keiser Neil, A man on a mission, good luck in your ongoing quest for justice,you are inspiring!
– I echo that Neil’s doing a cracking job Blow the right note and the walls of Jericho will fall
– Great interview!! Wish you all the best. Hope u can slay the RBS dragon
And these rather chilling tweets tonight:
– We would love to take RBS down – we will never get any £££sss back, of course… let’s destroy it!
proletarian dissent ‏@ColbyJS  6m6 minutes ago
You are a hero @RNW_MITCHELL. After watching you with @maxkeiser genuinely fear for your life as prosecution gets closer.
and this one from New York:
Just watched your interview with @maxkeiser. Great work and good luck.
Queens, NY
and this from Tasmania:
Hi Neil,
I have seen you on Kaiser report a few times now, and think well of you.
How can I donate ?
Paypal , Swift or something.
As when you are awesome people like bet on your success, please allow
people to donate; say libel action by RBS on twitter, or just something
to give a win to the people.
You don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself !!
George Spiliopoulos
Tasmania , Australia
and this for the tourists:
3) Hey, get to see Tower Bridge opening and letting a tall ship through whilst Neil Mitchell is on.
and finally this:

4) Why don’t we all focus on one thing and contribute towards the ONLY Criminal action being taken against banksters?
This is what we all shout about:

“When are these banksters going to be put in jail?!”

Well here it is folks! This is IT ! Let’s make it happen!

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