SME Alliance is coming

Great news for SME’s!

The SME Alliance held its first meeting at the Law Society on Wednesday 24/09/14.

This is an organisation for change and the organiser Nikki Turner has a vision for a minimum of 10,000 SME’s to join the group in the next 12 months to form a massive voice for change. Changing how SME’s are treated by banks, the regulatory authorities and the government is key to the Alliance raison d’être! However there are other advantages too, the scale of which has only just begun to be discovered.

There were 26 SME’s at the first meeting and any SME is welcome to join and share their experiences and expertise. There may be a tiered membership with free membership to those that want it and a small charge per month to those that can afford it, to enable the Alliance to run as a real business from the outset.

There will be services that members will be able to take advantage of, which include as a starting point, best bank information, loan and insurance advice, real legal assistance, litigation funding, shared member experience, and of course the individual expertise of members themselves.

James Hurley from The Times was there too and will be writing an article soon.

It is all NEW and in think tank process. for more information please contact Nikki Turner at or Andy Keats at



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